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When it comes to the JEZEBEL SPIRIT,
We've Been Doing it

She appears twice in the bible:

We see two women by the name of Jezebel mentioned in the bible, one in the Old Testament and then one in the New. They are Queen Jezebel, Baal worshiper and wife to King Ahab, and then Jezebel from the church of Thyatira, an idolater and self-proclaimed prophetess (I Kings 16, Rev. 2). These are not the same woman, but two different women having similar sins and evil behaviors.

You can’t cast out a spirit of Jezebel:

Consider the deep spiritual dimensions attached to Jezebel’s behavior and then consider Jesus’ remedy. Unlike other demonic spirits that afflict people, He didn’t say to cast a spirit out. Instead, He instructs Jezebel to repent with a serious warning (Rev. 2:21).

Repentance is the only way out:

Why repentance? Biblical repentance means to change your mind. When someone is under the influence of the Jezebel spirit, they aren’t possessed in the traditional sense. Jezebel had to repent because the stronghold had been built into her mind. She had become Jezebel in her personality and behavior.

Dealing with the root issues:

This typically happens as this principality unleashes sinister and targeted circumstances into a person’s life to create the needed mental strongholds resulting in the patterned behaviors. (i.e. childhood sexual or physical abuse, severe neglect, trauma, etc.) Not everyone with a difficult upbringing comes under this influence, but the trauma is intended to create it. When you encounter a person under the Jezebel influence, realize their wickedness today is a deep-seeded response to traumatic conditioning yesterday.

One woman’s story:

Repentance isn’t easy, however. Change can feel like a personal death since the behaviors are so deeply ingrained. One woman said, “I hated my husband and verbally abused him. I finally tried to kill him and ended up in jail.” Although she was a Christian, she didn’t fully surrender her life to Christ until she was incarcerated. The root of her behavior was childhood sexual abuse coupled with strong family matriarchs who taught her to never trust men. “I had to learn how to stop controlling people,” she said. Today, she’s a medical professional and a powerful speaker, equipper, and minister.

Is this you or someone you know?

We have several stories of women just like her. Women who couldn’t control their rage, destroyed their marriages, hated authority, lied compulsively, used sex to get their way, and on and on… all women who’ve been abused or traumatized having been set free by the Word and the power of God.

Someone always enables her:

Finally, where there is a Jezebel there is also an “Ahab” which is partner that enables the behavior. If you are the enabler, the Ahab, then you too need freedom and to come out from this spirit’s influence through repentance.

This is a revolutionary course!

Finally, you won’t be vilified for having characteristics of the Jezebel spirit. And, you won’t be slammed for being the Ahab that enables her. You will be given tools and support to come out from this influence in an environment that doesn’t judge you, but loves you, and celebrates every step you make towards freedom.

This course will teach you:

  • The biblical history and origins of the spirit
  • The characteristics of Jezebel
  • What to do if this is you
  • What to do if this is someone you love or go to church with
  • And, why I never call anyone a Jezebel even if they are one

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