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This course includes teaching on:

  • Prophetic Intercession

  • Nightwatch Prayer

  • Prophetic Dreams

  • Dream Language and Interpretation

  • 8 Sessions - Each session is 2 hours long!

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Did you know that God prepares our day during the night?

This is why you wake up at strange hours feeling an urgency to pray, or why you routinely wake up at a particular time to pray. It’s also one reason why you have dreams, and more so in some seasons than in others. Are you having strange and unusual phenomenon happening to you in the night? These too are often in connection with how God wants to align your day.

We can miss what He is doing, however, when we don’t understand the prophetic nature of intercession in the night seasons. Recognize that God establishes our day at night through intercession, dreams, and spiritual encounters in the night seasons. Do you want to know more? Do you have specific questions that need to be answered?

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