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Did you know that God prepares our day during the night?

This is why you wake up at strange hours feeling an urgency to pray, or why you routinely wake up at a particular time to pray. It’s also one reason why you have dreams, and more so in some seasons than in others. Are you having strange and unusual phenomenon happening to you in the night? These too are often in connection with how God wants to align your day.

We can miss what He is doing, however, when we don’t understand the prophetic nature of intercession in the night seasons. Recognize that God establishes our day at night through intercession, dreams, and spiritual encounters in the night seasons. Do you want to know more? Do you have specific questions that need to be answered?

  • Prophetic Intercession

Prophetic Intercession is a very sharp and powerful prayer that is communicated as a prophetic word. This is different than asking the Lord to do something, which would be a prayer of petition. Instead, it commands something to be done and puts the invisible realm into motion to bring it to pass.

  • Nightwatch Prayer

Are your days wasted? Do you not get anything done? You enter the timing of the Lord by entering the WATCH of the Lord. Night watches are specific time periods at night that bring prescribed alignments to our days. God's timing then gets into our timing and we quit wasting time.

  • Prophetic Dreams

There are dreams and then there are prophetic dreams. Prophetic dreams are a different realm of dreams in which God speaks to you in such a way that your life radically changes. I believe God is releasing more of these kind of dreams upon His church, but we have to be prepared for them and prepared to respond. Intercessory assignments, more like “intercessory adventures” are often released in these kind of dreams.

  • Dream Language and Dream Interpretation

Dreams are God’s night parables, highly symbolic and full of metaphors. Dreams are like gifts being given to you from God that you have to untie, unwrap, and then look – search – inside of to get the full experience. Too often, we dismiss our dreams, because they aren’t logical. Or, we think it’s something we ate. And because our dreams don’t make sense, we assume they aren’t important and we miss out on messages from God tucked inside of them. It’s like leaving a really valuable gift from God unopened. Do you want to crack the code on your dreams and finally understand these symbols and metaphors? Once you do, your eyes will be opened to what God is really confiding to you about your life.

Get Instant Access for $297