How to Reset Your Password

If you're having trouble resetting your password or logging in, go through these simple instructions.

  • 1. Go to the login page. Click on "Login" in the Navigation bar either at the top or bottom of the page.
  • 2. Click on "Lost your password?"
  • 3. On the new page that opens up, enter your username or email address. If you don't remember your username, use your email address.
  • 4. Click on "Get New Password". (It won't actually send you a new password in an email. That's for your security.)
  • 5. Check your email for an email with subject line: [Jennifer Eivaz Online] Password Reset. If you don't find it, make sure you look in your spam or junkmail folder.
  • 6. Click the link at the bottom of the email, which will take you to the password reset page.
  • 7. If you waited too long to click this link, you'll get a message telling you the link is invalid. Start over on step 3.
  • 8. When you get to the password reset page, you can either choose to use the automatically generated strong password or you can enter a new password. Then click on "Reset Password". Make sure you write down your new password in a safe place.
  • 9. Wait for the page to refresh.
  • 10. Click on "Login".
  • 11. Wait for page to refresh again.
  • 11. Login with your username and password.

Note: You set up the first part of your account when you entered your email and chose your username. If you don't remember your username, search for an email with the subject line: 

[Jennifer Eivaz Online] Password Reset