I want you to be free!

Recently, the Holy Spirit moved upon me ...

to lay hold of a specific manifestation of His glory. I gave less than a day's notice to my online community and announced a Facebook Live teaching and prayer for supernatural weight loss for anyone who wanted to join in. It was one of the most spontaneous things I have ever done.

The Holy Spirit’s goodness was shocking as I taught God’s word about asking and receiving from Him and that He is the God who does the impossible. Then I prayed for all who needed healing in their bodies from issues that caused weight gain such as hormonal imbalances, thyroid and pancreas problems. Next, I worked the attendees through their emotional triggers and traumas with food such as comfort eating, food abuse, bitterness that leads to weight gain, and using excess weight to protect themselves from predators. Finally, I prayed for the miracle of weight loss.

Immediately, the interactive thread filled up with comments like, I feel electricity. I feel heat and cold on my body. I am shaking right now. I am crying uncontrollably! The testimonies began rolling in by the next morning. There were a handful of people who lost five pounds over night, one woman lost three inches on her waist overnight, two women showed “before” pictures of their very tight pants and then an “after” picture with the same pants now hanging loosely on their bodies, and then several who suffered chronic fatigue got their energy back and started running, walking and dancing when they could not do that before.

I was so impressed with what happened in the lives of others, I wanted to take more time with this topic the miracle of Supernatural Weight Loss.

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Lesson 1

The bible describes a spirit that promotes heaviness (Is. 61:3). This spirit can manifest in many ways, but one of its manifestations is excess weight. No matter what you do, you can’t get the weight off! Not only is He creating His praise in you, but He is also releasing you from the bondage of this spirit. He creates new praise in you and gives you new garments too!

Lesson 2

Many people put on weight to protect them from something or someone, only weight gain doesn’t really protect you. This session is aimed at rooting out false beliefs and self-protection roots that led you to put on weight.

Lesson 3

There is a surprising connection between bitterness and weight gain. Bitterness goes beyond unforgiveness. Bitterness is unforgiveness that has been hard packed and stacked deeply inside of you. This session takes aim at your bitter roots that have produced the bitter fruit of unhealthy weight gain.

Lesson 4

This session will be a teaching and strong prophetic exhortation as I share with you what the Lord had shared with me about depression and sadness. He is boldly saying to us to “stop being sad” because our sad days are over (Is. 40:2).

Lesson 5

Lack of energy from hormone and chemical imbalances and fatigue make it nearly impossible for some people to move around without tremendous effort and fatigue. This session is a healing and deliverance session that takes aim at hormonal imbalances and debilitating fatigue so you can get your life back.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of this Supernatural Weight Loss course.

  • Holy Spirit is going to deal with the spirit of heaviness (Isaiah 61:3).
  • Learn how your praise makes a difference and how Holy Spirit creates new praise in you.
  • Trade bondage to the spirit of heaviness for new garments.
  • Holy Spirit is going to root out false beliefs connected to weight.
  • Holy Spirit is going to expose roots of self-protection tied to weight gain.
  • Holy Spirit is going to reveal places of unforgiveness deep within.
  • Bitter roots that produced the bitter fruit of weight gain are going to be laid bare.
  • You'll receive teaching and strong prophetic exhortation concerning depression and sadness.
  • Prayers for healing and deliverance for hormonal and chemical imbalances and debilitating fatigue.

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"Father, through Holy Spirit, is in the business of setting people free. That includes you, yes, YOU! If you have been struggling with weight for several years or even most of your life like me, I encourage you to come on this journey to freedom. During the short Facebook live that Jennifer Eivaz did earlier this year, I saw the response. The comments coming back from people on Facebook were phenomenal. For myself, I received a huge dose of hope that God had an answer. Jennifer is holding a key from the Father, given to her because she has a heart of compassion for people like you and me. Please join us for this LIVE online 5-week course."

~ Laura Nieminen